Bring the Positivity Without

Messing up Your Kids With:

Help your children thrive WHILE aligning with your spouse on parenting approach

"Am I messing up my kids?"

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Well the truth is we as parents are often messing up our kids. But our goal as parents is to mess them up as LITTLE as possible. 

In this program you'll how to truly CONNECT with them without the collateral damage.

  • Research backed and therapist approved -parenting techniques
  • Video instructions for each module to take your parenting to the next level
  • Activities to apply the concepts and even access to myself via email and module comment forms to ask specific questions
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Your kids have it harder than you did...

There is a sharp rise in many mental health issues in children and youth, so you need ALL the tools you can get your hands on in order to help them navigate:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • and even suicidality
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Put the iron fist

Away for good 

We've ALL been there...behavior deteriorates, emotions run high, and then out comes the iron fist, the raised voices, and the shame.

As a parent you crave openness and transparency so you can support your children through their struggles...but then they close up.

We're going to cover How to Bring in the Positivity WHILE:

  • TRULY connecting with your children
  • Removing the shame from your relationship with your children
  • Align with your significant other on parenting style (we're going to turn this into a STRENGTH!)
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What customers are saying...

“I have always struggled to apply makeup correctly, but after just one class, I feel and look like a seasoned beauty professional.”

Katherine Shen

“My skin has never looked this good. Knowing what products are right for me and how to apply them has been a game-changer.”

Andy Miller

"I finally said goodbye to dull, lifeless hair! Thanks to these techniques, I have the long and healthy hair I always dreamed of.”

Heather Do

3 Keys To Positive Parenting

Included In Bundle


  • 5 Modules with videos and activies
  • Access to Tony's proven nurtured heart approach
  • Practical tools to CONNECT with your family
  • Crucial paradigm shifts to actually help your children thrive

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